Denim Jeans


Founder & Researcher

Vignesh Natarajan ( a.k.a Viki ) has 12 years of experience working for larger corporations like Cisco and Intel. His experience spans across IoT, robotics, embedded systems, cloud computing and general software development. He has designed solutions for numerous startups across Asia, Europe, UK and the Silicon Valley which helped them raise funding in millions. Currently he is leading the research and development operations at Viki Labs.

Denim Jeans


Application Architect

Mamaka has over 10 years of experience in mobile & web application development. Before joining us she was working for IBM Singapore. She has successfully cofounded a Singapore based restaurant application company named Foodvite. Currently she is leading the application development team at Viki Labs.

Denim Jeans


Mobile Application Developer

Giri has over 6 years of experience in mobile application design and development. He designed mobile application in the areas of web live streaming and Mobile VoIP.

Denim Jeans


UI/UX Designer

Nasser has more than 10 years of experience in UI/UX design. His designs are implemented in major sports websites and mobile applications across Asia. His work mainly focus on web live streaming applications for the entertainment and sport industry.

Denim Jeans


Software Developer

Narmada is a brilliant newbie working as a mobile application developer at Viki Labs.